Computer gathering system EkoPartner

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Sanctioned in 2020 for failing to comply with resolution 1512 of 2010
It is the average value of the penalty for non-compliance with resolution 1512 of 2010

Authorized by the environmental authority ANLA

under resolution 01315


Ekopartner is a system for the collective selective collection of computers and peripherals, which is in charge of their transport, recycling and final disposal for compliance with resolution 1512 of 2010.

The importing companies of computers and peripherals are obliged to comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) when these equipments end their useful life.

Certificate of final disposition

A document certifying the correct disposition of the material by our allied companies that are certified by the corresponding authority is delivered.

Processes for environmental care

Our system ensures that the transport, recycling and final disposal of computer and peripheral waste, have the due processes for the care of the environment and society of these hazardous wastes.

Goals Compliance

We guarantee 100% reach of the goal in kilos and units to be reused from each of our members.

Gathering system authorized by ANLA

According to the National Environmental Licenses Authority through resolution 01315, which authorizes us to be a manager of the selective collective collection system of computers and peripherals of third parties.

Collection schedule

Schedule your collection the day and time you need it.

Reconditioning equipment for reuse

According to resolution 1512 of 2010, it is mandatory to recondition 30% of the equipment collected, EkoPartner is responsible for the reconditioning of computers and peripherals that are available to the customer.

Green communication campaigns

We have a team specialized in promoting internal and external campaigns for the collection of equipment or to promote your brand with an environmental focus.

Year of start of operations
0 %

It is the goal of collection and recycling of computers and peripherals existing in Colombia, for the year 2020

0 Tons.

Waste from computers and peripherals was managed in 2019

What is resolution 1512 of 2010?

The purpose of the resolution is to establish, in charge of the producers of computers or peripherals that are marketed in the country, the obligation to formulate, present and implement the Selective Collection and Environmental Management Systems of Computer or Peripheral Waste, with the purpose of preventing and control the degradation of the environment.

Failure to comply with this resolution may lead to sanctions by the corresponding national authority up to a maximum value of 5.000 legal minimum wages in force daily, according to Law 1333 of 2009.

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